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nageto hizumaki of the hidden tree village hizumaki clan nageto was a painfull stubern child only knew his parents for 2 yrs his younger brother hioshi hizumaki knew then for 1 their elder brother togoro hizumaki was five yrs older then nageto the name nageto came from japan meaning hope at the of two their mother tsune movada sealed the ten(tails) within nageto so he can save the world from devastation. later that night tsune was murdered by togoro 7yrs later hioshi learned the clans ultimate jutsu the eye the phoinix(piersingeye) nageto was so furyated that he had run and somehow awakend the ten tails hioshi saw his brother an eye apared on his forhead wich looked like a phoinix eye so young hioshi went to go warn togoro but togoro interuped and hioshi that he killed mother their father the 5th hokage had died in war already afterwards togoro left and hioshi wanted revenge so he told nageto but nageto was nocked out by togoro to seal the ten tails power(chi/chakra) 6yrs later nageto had to pass the final exam to pass ninja traning and the end he finaly pulled off the shikigami jutsu(clonejutsu) so had finaly had pass and hioshi had already pass heres the naxt in becomeing a ninja.

after the graduation nageto was assinghned to a team with his brother and a girl named karin (harame) the captain was no othe then haze the pierceing ninja with the pirecing eye they started out with little sparing they all hide then nageto released a shikigame frome onther side of the field haze figured it out quik then he use no. jutsu subbtitution then hioshi use phoinix release (clans other jutsu) at haze but tunneled underground and cought him with no. jutsu tunneling eath earth style and druged him under ground so he was stuck then karin went up and used no. jutsu fist of glory wich created a massive crater so nageto came out of hideing and used no. jutsu katun(firestyle) grand fire bulltet and went right into a trap replaced it with haze later haze said thats enogh of sparring you all pass they all became genin(youngninja) after sparing nageto went into trianing with hioshi the day nageto and his was appointed by the 4th hokage and was sent on a p-rank mission that turned into being a c-rank mission a outcast ninja assasin momchi tazuna attaked then with his tissue blade and sucked some of chi out of haze after the escort dayal tashi continued the village when it was complete momochi returned for revenge and had his partner shizune and attked them again after seing his brother fall in battle wich was knocked out he awaikened the ten tails again and on a rampage he flew off and defieted shizune and returned back to normal.